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Built on the principles of long-term investing to assist individuals in every stage of their investment journey.

Investing in stocks is the most powerful way to build long-term wealth

Successful investors follow 3 principles

Make well-informed decisions

Be objective and independent

Re-evaluate your investments

Take control of your investments and upgrade your portfolio by selecting the highest quality stocks. BI Fundamentals equips every individual investor with the tools and principles that are essential for success.

The best and easiest way
to find your investments

Look at what a company does, where their profit comes from, and how many times you pay the profit for 1 share.

In depth analysis about the company and an overview of the profit and costs the company has.

Look at what the company’s profit has been in the past, what that means for their classification and how you can approach these companies.

Here you will find all the financial numbers of a company. You can see if a company is financially healthy. 

Get an overview of who works the important jobs in the company. You can also see when the management has received a bonus for their work.

Here you see the distribution of outstanding shares. Also, you can see if insiders are buying or selling shares.

You can see if the company has a competitive advantage and which large investors believe in the company.

Finally, you can see the intrinsic value we assign to the company and our growth expectations for the company over the next 5 to 10 years.

BI Fundamentals dashboard overview
BI Fundamentals - 1. Business Breakdown
BI Fundamentals - 2. Stock Classification
BI Fundamentals - 2. Stock Classification
BI Fundamentals - 4. Management Review
BI Fundamentals - 5. Share Ownership
BI Fundamentals - Moat Indicator
BI Fundamentals - Valuation

Become a successful investor
with BI Fundamentals

BI Fundamentals has demonstrated that using the tool, you would have yielded substantially better results than if you had bought the entire S&P 500.
The tool would have provided you with insights about companies, ensuring that you could have bought the undervalued companies within the S&P 500. By doing this, you would have outperformed the S&P 500 in the last 8 years, just because you bought the best and most undervalued companies.

Start investing with the BIF portfolio


Find the next best opportunity

Easily discover where the opportunity lie with our simple and powerful valuation method. Find out instantly if a company is undervalued and what upside you have as an investor.

Search in our database of 30,000+ companies

Each company is valued with its own rating, allowing you to determine which companies could be an interesting opportunity and which companies you definitely do not want to have in your portfolio.

How can you use our BIF-rating?

The rating represents a risk-reward ratio. A stock with a fundamentally good or excellent rating indicates it could be an interesting addition to your portfolio. This does not necessarily mean that the stock is a buy opportunity. The stock can fundamentally be good, but if the price you have to pay for the stock is too high, then it could still be a very risky or even a poor investment. The BIF-rating takes the fundamental values of the companies and checks if this is in line with the price you need to pay for the stock. This rating should only be viewed as a completely voluntary recommendation. Ultimately, you should conduct your own research and decide if the risk-reward aligns with your investment strategy.

Utilize all our information so that you can make the best informed decision

Would you like to conduct your own research? You have access to the best and most relevant company information. You can investigate yourself if a company is financially healthy, if insiders are selling their shares, what their growth have been over the last few years and you can find a lot more valuable information within the tool. 

Strengths of BI Fundamentals